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Electronic dispatch of invoices via EDI

Invoice data is transferred directly to us from our suppliers’ ERP systems on the platforms of our service providers SAP or Elemica. In contrast to a conventional EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) procedure, each data record is furnished with a qualified electronic signature. This means it is no longer necessary to create a paper-based invoice.

Benefits for BASF suppliers

  • Faster and more secure receipt of invoice
  • Verifiable invoice receipt at BASF
  • Cost savings (printing, paper, postage, fax ...)
  • No delays due to missing invoice data related to verification
  • Electronic filing in your IT system
  • Format and media-independent, cross-sector data exchange possible  with other business partners
  • Exchange of invoices in compliance with tax law
  • Procedures based on EU Directive 2006/112/EC

Next steps

  1. Contact our central eBilling team at - provide your contact data and initial details of your system landscape (provider used, ERP system)
  2. Timely response from a BASF specialist (clarification of outstanding issues and planning of next steps)
  3. Start of connection process
  4. Test phase and mutual acceptance
  5. Go-live


We provide our suppliers with various channels, enabling them to benefit from the advantages of eBilling as quickly as possible. The aim is to use our suppliers’ existing structures and thereby keep costs of adjustment and implementation as low as possible for both parties. Any investment made can be quickly redeemed through saving effects.

Our raw materials suppliers generally prefer connections via Elemica. Elemica is a platform for the integration of business processes, which is designed for the efficient and strictly confidential transfer of business data at high and medium transaction levels. Further information on Elemica is available in the E-Business sector.


Connection through our second service provider SAP is recommended for suppliers of services and technical materials. The large B2B corporate network and SAP "eInvoicing for compliance on demand" is capable of more than converting: With paper-based formats into electronic invoices: this solution also allows you to send and receive digitally signed, legally-compliant invoices in the correct format.


We would gladly assess the use of established roaming connections for all suppliers which have already selected another provider.


Invoice volume per supplier p/a

> 200

Quality Standards for invoices

Optimized invoice handling means shorter processing times and thus allows payments according to the payment terms of the purchase order. In this context invoice quality is a key factor…