BASF Accounts Payable

BASF Accounts Payable performs professional invoice management, covering the process of invoice receipt, invoice verification and due payment of invoices. In this capacity we provide our service for our BASF companies worldwide and handle over 6 million invoices a year. 


In daily business we focus our efforts on the continuous development and improvement of existing processes. Thanks to the close and constructive cooperation with our suppliers, our committed and qualified employees, and the involvement of established providers, we have continually been able to improve efficiency and speed in the invoice handling process. 

We intend to continue increasing added value for BASF and, therefore, for our suppliers. We will achieve this by cooperating even more intensively with our business partners and exploiting potentials for further process optimization. 

The BASF Supplier Invoice Portal – Invoice Status Information and more 

The supplier invoice portal is our centralized platform to provide information to our suppliers on all matters related to BASF Accounts Payable and invoice handling. Moreover, it is the most direct communication channel for invoice-related inquiries. By using the portal, our suppliers can benefit from: 

  • Up-to-date access to the invoice receiving status and payment status of their invoices.
  • Extensive knowledge base, including invoice entry channel options, BASF invoice standards for faster processing and other important information for doing business with BASF.
  • Fastest and prioritized communication channel to the BASF Accounts Payable team in case of invoice inquiries.

For a first glance on the BASF Supplier Invoice Portal, have a look at our introductory video:

We invite all our suppliers to sign up to the portal today!

Please provide the following information to start the registration process.

  • Full name
  • E-mail address
  • Invoice or Purchase order copy (to confirm business relationship)

You can send this information via email with the subject “BASF Supplier Invoice Portal” to the regional Accounts Payable contacts below.

For region Americas:

For region Asia-Pacific:

For region Europe, Middle East, and Africa:

If you are already registered for the Supplier Invoice Portal, you can go directly to the portal here: Supplier Invoice Portal.