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Our engineers are responsible for our global investment projects from planning to commissioning making an active contribution to the success of the company. In maintenance and planning, they ensure the availability of production and infrastructure facilities and develop solutions to optimize operations. In construction, they ensure the smooth running of shutdowns and turnarounds. Our asset and process managers ensure production. Technical experts work on tailored engineering solutions and drive innovations, for example in automation technology.

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BASF promotes electromobility

Electromobility in combination with renewable energies is one of the key technologies for reconciling the global desire for individual mobility with the need to reduce local exhaust emissions. One example of how we at BASF are advancing electromobility is battery materials for lithium-ion batteries. Our innovative cathode materials increase the performance and range of batteries and thereby promote the success of climate-friendly mobility.

Read more about our investments in battery materials in Germany and Finland.


A variety of academic, professional and international backgrounds make interdisciplinary work a daily occurrence at BASF. From project management, mechanical and plant engineering, civil engineering, automation, electrical engineering and process control engineering, to process or chemical engineering, we offer you the opportunity to work at different sites, projects and in teams as well as to develop your skills and competencies.


A wide range of personal and professional opportunities await you: In an international environment from construction manager in China to asset manager in a plant in Finland, from workshop engineer in the USA to digitalization/data expert in Europe.

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Exceptional variety

Old meets new. National meets international. Craft meets additive manufacturing and laser technology. Experience the diversity at BASF.

Exciting global projects

In international and interdisciplinary teams we work worldwide on projects in the small and large capital sector. Support us!

Different career paths

Are you aiming for a career in project management, a management or expert career? Find the right development opportunity with us.

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