Elastopir®: The insulation material with effective fire protection

Elastopir® is BASF's brand for polyurethane rigid foam systems based on Polyisocyanurate (PIR). It has been developed to meet growing demands for composite panels with improved fire-protection properties, thus making it possible to build industrial buildings as well as cold stores that are both energy-efficient and safe. In residential buildings, insulation boards with flexible facings such as aluminium foil or mineral fleece and a core of Elastopir® are also used. The main areas of application here are pitched and flat roof insulation as well as cavity wall and floor insulation.



Key Advantages of Elastopir®

  • Superb fire resistance
  • Excellent mechanical and thermal properties
  • Provides very low lambda value matched by no other conventional insulation material
  • Durable with good dimensional stability
  • Pre-fabricated panels enable fast and easy installation with intelligent joint systems

Elastopir®  keeps cool when the going gets hot

Panels consisting of metal-faced sandwiches with a polyurethane core are highly versatile in their uses thanks to their exceptional insulating properties. In addition to its Elastopor® systems for the insulation of facades, roofs and floors, BASF also offers special flame-retardant Elastopir® systems of polyurethane rigid foam specifically for industrial buildings and cold stores. With their extra-high temperature stability, they achieve superior standards of fire protection in areas where conventional materials reach their limits.

Elastopir® panels not only provide a very low lambda value in terms of thermal conductivity, they also offer an outstanding combination of excellent flame resistance and specified physical properties. Moreover, Elastopir® panels offer a clear advantage for our environment as they are being produced with a reduced amount of flame retardants and with no amounts of bromine.

The decomposition temperature of a Polyisocyanurate (PIR) is significantly higher when compared to PU (260°C versus 220°C), resulting in improved burning behavior, a demand that is highly sought after in the industry.

Superb fire resistance

Composite panels manufactured with pentane-blown Elastopir® rigid foam have successfully achieved both 30- and 60-minutes fire resistance when tested in accordance with EN 13501-2. (classification REI 30 with 100 mm und REI 60 with 200 mm). In addition, HFC-blown Elastopir® panels have passed the demanding criteria of FM 4880 class 1, 4881, 4882 and 4471 as well as of well-known local fire tests, e.g. in the UK.


ROMA Dämmsysteme, Buttenwiesen, Referenzobjekt "Terra Tec", Bludenz-Bings, Österreich

Sandwich elements with a core of Elastopir® rigid foam are ideal construction materials for facades and roof elements in all kind of industrial buildings. Thanks to their high loading capacity, sandwich elements with metal facings are ideal for the construction of cold stores, warehouses and industrial buildings. They provide optimal and full-surface thermal insulation free of thermal bridges. Sandwich elements with an Elastopir® core are the insulation of your choice for modern industrial design.

In all areas where efficient and dependable cold chains and resource-conserving construction really count, the polyurethane core materials Elastopor® and Elastopir® reveal their peerless advantages. Thanks to their exceptionally low thermal conductivity, they appreciably reduce energy input and emissions as insulation for cold stores and cool rooms.

The rigid polyurethane Elastopir® is also used for insulating elements with flexible cover layers such as aluminium foil or mineral fleece. The main areas of application are pitched and flat roof insulation as well as floor insulation for residential buildings. Due to their particularly good mechanical properties, the polyurethane boards are suitable for areas with high pressure and weight loads, such as parking decks and green roofs. With Elastopir® safe and energy-efficient construction is made possible.


Elastopir® Blue – Better lambda, better u-value, better efficiency

Elastopir® Blue is a new polyurethane rigid foam solution with a low lambda value (down to λD = 19 mW/m ∙K) that achieves exceptional standards of energy efficiency while at the same time setting new standards for sandwich panels.


Good product properties – better thermal insulation

Highly energy-efficient construction elements have a positive effect on the environment in the construction sector. With Elastopir® Blue as the core material, it is possible to produce thinner panels with significantly improved insulation performance. When modern blowing agents such as cyclopentane or HFOs are used, the polyurethane system’s optimized cell structure yields a core material with superlative mechanical properties and a high surface quality. The quantity of blowing agents used is optimally adapted to customer-specific requirements. In addition, Elastopir® Blue features excellent fire protection properties, which is also possible free of halogens.


The applications are as manifold as its product properties: Explore the various application possibilities of Elastopir® and Elastopir® Blue.


Process technology

Sandwich Platte
Elastopir® rotating disc

Many components are crucial for superlative quality in the production of polyurethane sandwich elements. Along with our precision-tuned PU systems BASF also offers solutions in state-of-the art process technologies. The patented rake technology of BASF makes the production of high-grade PU and PIR sandwich panels more stable and more cost-effective. With its modular design, the patented rake replaces conventional laydown devices and can be adapted precisely to the construction panel being produced.

With the rotating disc, another patented technology of BASF, the foam can be applied more evenly on the surface material, thus ensuring a better quality of the final element. The rotating disc can be used for continuously produced sandwich panels and for honeycomb or lightweight sandwich panels.

With the rotating disc for polyurethane binders, BASF has taken the next step in the development of processing options. The rotating disc is an exclusive BASF development that represents real added value for all customers. The rotating disc guarantees an ideal material distribution of the polyurethane binder Elastan® during production, because an optimized geometry allows the polyurethane binder to be distributed particularly evenly over the entire width of the core material and the lamination. The result is a particularly high quality end product. In addition, the technology is aerosol-free, enables efficient material use and causes less dirt.


Tailor-made Solutions 

Tailor-made for individual needs: We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions.