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Using the latest technology and globally renowned refinished paint systems, customers achieve better results in less time.

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BASF Coatings Services is a specialist supplier of technology, service and training to the collision repair industry. Skilled and multi-disciplinary teams identify the needs of customers and provide quality products and services to meet those needs effectively and economically. Through these advanced solutions and excellent client service, BASF Coatings Services has developed an unrivalled reputation for product excellence, technological reliability and consistency in the marketplace.

This division’s core business is the supply of premium automotive and commercial refinish products of the highest quality to major clients in the repair market and automotive refinish workshops (auto body repair shops). Our main customers’ body shops all carry OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approvals. BASF products are approved by all major OEMs and therefore form a valuable part of the audits carried out by car manufacturers in auto body repair shops to ensure the quality of repair in all processes.

While South Africa has yet to implement environmentally friendly legislation for the paint and coatings sector, BASF has in recent years introduced environmentally advanced water-borne products to the automotive sector. These products are found within the Glasurit® and R-M® water-borne product ranges which enjoy strong demand from leading auto body repairers. The technology embedded in these products is of the highest standard in the car refinish market and continues to maintain the quality of convectional paint systems such as appearance and durability. The renowned refinish paint systems are recommended and approved by leading car manufacturers and through their use; customers can achieve better results in less time. Both brands’ ranges of paint consist of various colour toners and the best colour retrieval tools available, used to match any colours found on vehicles whether manufactured locally or globally.

With the baslac® brand, BASF Coatings Services offers a modern solution for quick and best results refinishing jobs especially for non-OEM-approved body shops. This product has been well-received as the market need was well identified.

A wide range of PRP (paint related products) such as polishes and abrasives from other suppliers completes our full product portfolio offering to the auto body repair industry.

We distinguish ourselves by having the best products and services on the market. Our Value Added Services comprise of Process Experts who conduct audits to determine process needs and workflow on all processes in body shops. They then give structured feedback to the customers to improve their business in terms of saving money and time by implementing first time right practices, and efficient and effective business practice.

BASF Coatings Services’ Refinish Competence Center (RCC) was the first facility of its kind to be established in the country by the company. The RCC, which expands BASF’s global network of Refinish Competence Centers, offers customers an opportunity to learn, practice and fully master the use of BASF’s automotive refinish products.

The RCC offers courses and training on application techniques, the optimal use of paints as well as color matching. Training sessions and workshops are developed and structured in order to enhance the productivity of body shops and to increase their efficiency and competitiveness.

The division also has a dedicated national toll-free technical services hotline which caters for its South African and Sub-Sahara African customers. The hotline gives the customers direct access to the National Technical Information Centre which has, among other things, a direct link to the Colour Lab in Muenster, Germany. Customers can obtain technical information such as paint processes and colour information for all BASF global market leader paints.

BASF Coatings Services has a nationwide footprint with representation in all major provinces. Comprehensive teams of highly competent commercial and technical staff support our customers on product and process.

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R-M® Top standards, innovation and flexibility, as well as its special customer focus have made R-M one of the world’s leading premium brands for automotive refinishing today. R-M’s customised product range for body shops makes it the perfect partner for perfect results. Read more







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