BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions 

BASF’s Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions Port Elizabeth manufacturing facility has produced over 50 million catalysts for the global automotive industry since the business was established in South Africa in 1994.  This world-class manufacturing site produces catalysts for automobile and truck manufacturers worldwide.

The Port Elizabeth facility maintains a proud safety record and continues to attain numerous international accreditations, reflecting the dedicated efforts of the hundreds of members of the local BASF family who drive progress and advancement every day.

The site operates in compliance with all local, provincial, and national regulations and by-laws, and practices pollution prevention in all activities. The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art environmental technology. An external contractor ensures compliance, by monitoring air and water emissions. All waste generated in the plant is recycled, reused, or safely disposed of according to all waste disposition policies.

BASF Catalysts South Africa (Pty) Ltd is committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of its employees, the community in which the facility is located, and its customers. There are no tasks so critical that injury to employees or neighbours should be risked. 


BASF Catalysts South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Port Elizabeth

Telephone: +(27) 41 401 1000