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Come and join BASF as a chemist.

As the world’s leading chemical company we offer you attractive and challenging possibilities through exciting projects with future-oriented technologies such as biotechnology and nanotechnology coupled with processes for the efficient and sustainable handling of resources and energy. As a chemist at BASF you will be looking for the best possible solutions from the very beginning and with a high degree of personal responsibility. You will benefit from our interdisciplinary global approach and collaboration which opens up new and fascinating fields of work – with great conditions such as a large budget for innovation projects and numerous cooperative partnerships with leading universities and industrial partners.

At BASF our chemists are interdisciplinary in their thought-processes. Innovations only rarely accept the boundaries within any given field. Our chemists from different fields inspire each other and of course always work together in a team together engineers and economists.

With a PhD in chemistry there are a number of attractive ways that you can join our research divisions.

You could choose the classical direct entry route into the BASF research community as a laboratory manager or join for limited time as a post-doc.

Alternatively we also offer entry via a trainee program in selected areas. You can find more information on our careers portal under "Start In".

Apply to one of our job postings or send us your unsolicited application.

We are looking forward to getting to know you.


You are a chemist and you have successfully completed your studies with a PhD. Your focus is on one of the following specialist areas: Organic, inorganic, macromolecular, technical, physical or analytical chemistry, food chemistry or biochemistry.

You are open to everything that's new and enjoy scientific and technical challenges, which you approach with purpose and solve creatively with your own ideas. You enjoy working in an interdisciplinary environment and understand how to lead a team to achieve the best results. You can also communicate self-confidently and convincingly in English. You view business travel as an opportunity to further develop your linguistic and intercultural skills.

You will start in one of the three global research areas.

In Advanced Materials & Systems Research we create solutions with new functional materials and systems for the automotive, construction, detergent and cleaning agents, water and wind industries.

In Process Research & Chemical Engineering we develop new and improve existing processes for the manufacture of base chemicals, intermediates and fine chemicals. We are also seeking alternatives to the raw material of crude oil and we are working on energy conversion and storage.

In Bioscience Research we seek new ways of increasing agricultural productivity and meeting the need for healthy food using biotechnological methods as well as research in new crop protection products, making sure our solutions meet the highest standards in human and environmental safety.


You can expect challenging tasks in research and product development with a high level of personal responsibility. From the outset you will be collaborating scientifically in a specific research project and will typically start directly as a laboratory manager in research and will functionally lead a laboratory team.

Your job focusses on scientific project management with regular commercial evaluation of the research project entrusted to you, together with the registration of patents.

You will receive on-the-job training in a committed, competent team.

An essential part of your work will be intensive collaboration with internal partners from research and development, marketing and production in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams. You will also take charge of international research collaborations, depending on the project.

We offer excellent framework conditions and development opportunities. As well as the traditional role as a laboratory manager there are many other employment opportunities for chemists within BASF such as applications engineering, quality management, product safety, environmental protection, production, sales, patents, knowledge management, technology and innovation scouting, communications, and human resources. In addition to that is the possibility for a scientific expert career.

By starting off in research you can become familiar with many of these possible future development roles.

You will be able to discuss your next career steps with your supervisor. Many continuing education and training measures are available to support you in your plans.