Responsible Disclosure Statement

BASF investigates all reports of security vulnerabilities affecting BASF web presence. If you are a security researcher and believe you have found a security vulnerability, please send an e-mail to us at BASF Responsible Disclosure.

Our guidelines

  • Give us enough details to reproduce the vulnerability
  • Allow us a reasonable amount of time to fix the vulnerability before making any information public
  • Avoid data deletion, unauthorized data access, and service disruption while testing the vulnerability you found
  • Do not ask for compensation for your report

Our commitment

  • We will let you know we got your report
  • We will give you an estimate of how long the fix will take
  • We will tell you when we have fixed the vulnerability

Our thanks

If your vulnerability report is valid and you would like to be recognized for your contribution, we will gladly add you to our “Heroes of BASF” list, by name or anonymously. We will only add you to our “Heroes of BASF” list, if this is explicitly requested by you.


Heroes of BASF

The following researchers have helped us identify and fix vulnerabilities. Thanks to all!


Ansan Binoy

Prathamesh Surekha Prakash Pawar


Florian Kunushevci

Shail Shah

Kamran Saifullah

Avishek Nayal

Gopi Akkalaneni

Mehedi Hasan Remon

Roy Mustang

Gul Hameed

Ahmed Hegazy

Marc Seguin

Aditya Thebe

Abhijeet Sarkar

Agung Saputra

Agung Saputra Ch Lages

Deep Yadav

G Sri Tharun Reddy

Khizar Ul Haq

Hamza Shahid



Mohammad Berro

Mustafa Diaa 

Ratnadip Gajbhiye 

Rituraj Vishwakarma

Sachin Sharma 

Shivam Pandey

Sumit Grover @sumgr0

Ubaid Ahmed 

Utkarsh Agrawal


Vismit Rakhecha

Abhishek Misal

Adity Jadhav

Aditya Jadhav

Akash Labade

Akash Mondal

Amal Mohandas

Ankit Singh

Ashish Kunwar

Danish Tariq

Florian Zyprian

Jayesh Patel

Jose Carlos Exposito Bueno

Juba Baghdad

Mahesh Raykar

Mehul Patil

Mitesh Patil

Muhammad Qasim Munir

Murtada Kamil

Pratik Raut

Saynam Chawla

Shivam Kamboj

Shubham Maheshwari

Sourav Newatia

Vineet Kumar

Yeasir Arafat

Djaber Djoukhrab

Please note: In sharing information with us, you agree that the information will be considered as non-proprietary and non-confidential and that we are allowed to use the information in any manner, in whole or in part, without any restriction. Sharing information with us does not constitute any rights for you or any obligation for us.

Please do not share any personal information with us. Any personal information shared with us will be processed and used in accordance with the applicable data protection regulation; however, BASF will not store any personal information about you unless you provide them to us. By requesting to be added to our “Heroes of BASF” list, you explicitly consent in the publication, use and processing of your name.