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Diversity with responsibility


Communication connects – discover the diverse responsibilities and development opportunities in corporate communications.

We are convinced that communication builds trust and thereby contributes significantly to business success. As a globally connected team we communicate our messages extensively, truthfully, and consistently in order to safeguard the most important asset of our work – our credibility. We inform everybody connected with us about corporate objectives, visions and decisions, new products, applications and markets, and updates from BASF Research. This applies in particular to our employees who rightly expect to hear any news first.

If you are interested in journalistic work then you can apply to us for an internship during which you will have the opportunity to write texts, learn about communications methods and channels, and even develop target-group oriented concepts for different subject areas. For some tasks we also offer internships which will enable you to gain an insight into corporate communications.

The following documents should be attached to your application:

  • A motivation letter explaining why you would like to work in communications and why you want to work in the chemical industry (max. one DIN A4 page)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • References/diplomas
  • Samples of your journalistic or PR work if available

Work in corporate communications diverse, challenging and full of responsibility. This is why we expect from you:

  • A university degree with above-average grades
  • Experience in journalism and/or public relations
  • Experience abroad as part of your studies, such as internships or similar programs
  • Fluency in English
  • Very good knowledge of MS-Office
  • The ability to present complex subject matter in easily understandable terms
  • A clear, correct writing style
  • Confidence and interest in working with new people and different cultures
  • Creativity, empathy and the ability to communicate well
  • Teamwork and organizational skills
  • Determination and a performance-based orientation

You can apply at any time to one of the internship postings in our corporate communications department. We generally offer internships of several months so that you can really delve deeply into your subject area.

The subject areas are diverse as BASF is in daily dialogue with many interest groups.

Corporate communications contribute to the dialogue through its wide range of activities including press work, employee relations, brand management, market and product communications, government relations, corporate events, and a lot more.

When our globally connected team talks with our internal stakeholders, we do so with with integrity and openness. And we give them facts. We create value for the company through our consistent and sound communications.

Our corporate communications department covers a huge diversity of different activities. Corporate communications at BASF encompasses press work, employee relations, brand management, marketing and product communications, government relations, corporate events, and a lot more. As an intern you will acquire in-depth knowledge of this area and will work on your own tasks independently in the team.

The internship will give you the opportunity to learn about corporate communications work. This will give you the basis for the fundamental decision as to whether you want to pursue a journalistic career.

After your studies you can apply for a BASF volontariat (traineeship). This offers the development directions of PR and marketing communications. In both areas, you have the opportunity to assume responsibility for exciting new activities and projects beyond your organizational boundaries.