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Social Responsibility Policy

Social Responsibility Policy

Qualified and dedicated personnel plays a vital role for the success of BASF Turkey. Above all, their confidence, motivation, skills and safety are particularly important to ensure that everybody works as a team. As part of our responsible and insightful approach towards the society, we always act in full compliance with the internationally recognized principles, national laws and our internal rules.

Occupational Health and Safety

We intend to provide healthy and safe working environment for all our employees. Therefore, we implement a proactive approach to improve the working conditions with the targets of preventing accidents, breakdowns and potential injuries. Our purpose is to prevent work-related risks.

Qualification and Personal Development

BASF makes investments in occupational trainings to continuously develop the skills and strengths of Turkish employees. We offer programs designed in accordance with the position and condition of each individual.

Equal Opportunity

We recruit, employ and support our employees according to their qualifications and skills. We never accept discrimination. We comply with all relevant laws and regulations regarding equal opportunity without any exceptions. We defend equal opportunity for everybody independent of personal characteristics. This is true for all BASF working areas around the world.

Business Unions and Professional Organizations

We respect the right of organization of each individual and our employees. Our employees have the right to be represented by a union and to conduct meetings on their behalf.

International Human Rights

BASF Turkey supports and protects international human rights. We approach all our employees with honor and respect. We reject all forms of pressure and corruption– none of the employees of BASF Turkey should feel any threat of punishment at the workplace.

Protection of Children

BASF Turkey supports children rights. We act in full compliance with the international human rights standards and the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO). We condemn the employment of children.