Bringing People Together: We focus on connectedness

We are lucky at BASF, because we have already established certain values in our corporate culture that differentiate us from our competitors. Values that all employees experience and live every day – and one of them is connectedness.

Connectedness, that means good relationships: Among ourselves and with our customers and partners. This is reflected in interdisciplinary and international projects, at customer events, through social commitment and further initiatives, where one thing is always the focus: Bringing individuals with all their knowledge together to solve global problems and create a sustainable future for us all.

We call that:
The power of connected minds.

We create chemistry for a sustainable future

As the world’s leading chemical company, we combine economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility.
This is summed up in our corporate purpose: “We create chemistry for a sustainable future.”
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The power of connected minds

Developing the Infinergy™ material together with our customer adidas was a result of teamwork at BASF. Employees from different job fields and regions came together to work on this business project. Armin Nöthe, engineer and New Business Developer at BASF, tells the story from the end to the beginning when he applied at BASF.