Sustainability Lab

An inherent part of our sustainability management is the continuous exchange with our stakeholders. In order to involve our stakeholders more intensively and to deepen specific sustainability topics, we established the Sustainability Lab as new stakeholder engagement format in 2023.

BASF Sustainability Lab: going green - fast and fair

The new stakeholder engagement format is part of our strategic stakeholder engagement to gain outside-in perspectives, challenges, and impulses from representatives from business, science, politics and civil society.  

The Sustainability Lab is a further development of the Stakeholder Advisory Council  (SAC), which met in Ludwigshafen for the tenth time in fall 2022. Since 2012, members of the SAC and the BASF Board of Executive Directors have met once a year to engage in dialog, critically assessing and further developing BASF’s sustainability management.

With the Sustainability Lab, BASF is now establishing a format to deepen individual topics and issues related to sustainability and to shed light on them from different perspectives. In addition, the circle of external and internal experts with whom we want to discuss and think through the ever more complex topics is also expanding.

At the first meeting in July 2023, the participants worked on what BASF and other stakeholders can do to contribute to a successful energy transition. In future, the Sustainability Lab will meet every two years to discuss a specific topic.

The Sustainability Lab process

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BASF's representatives in the Sustainability Lab

Dr. Martin Brudermüller
“Sustainability is firmly anchored in BASF's corporate purpose. In the Sustainability Lab, we want to bring thought leaders from different sectors together to jointly drive a more sustainable future.”

Dr. Martin Brudermüller


Thorsten Pinkepank
“The energy transition is one of the most important challenges of our future. In dialog with stakeholders, BASF considers how we can succeed together: What we have, what we lack, and what we need to implement it.”

Thorsten Pinkepank

Head of Sustainability Relations of BASF SE