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Social Responsibility

BASF increases the life quality of the society while saving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Real economic efficiency is possible by efficient use of natural resources. With “less consumption, more qualified production” philosophy, BASF takes accountable steps towards its sustainability goals. BASF aims people to integrate sustainability approach into their lifestyle. Therefore BASF supports environmental, economic and cultural developments in its social responsibility projects parallel with company operations. Supporting personal growth, productivity and creativity of individuals enables them to care about the environment and contribute to the society. Hence, BASF places education to the core of its social responsibility projects.

BASF intends to design company social responsibility activities as versatile and complimentary to each other in order to protect the environment and contribute to the society. Social responsibility projects created by BASF Global and those currently continue in other countries are carried out in Turkey by BASF Türk. In addition, BASF Türk team develops new projects for local needs of Turkey.
In line with its sustainability objectives, BASF continues to support non-governmental organizations and various projects. BASF organizes regular trainings to ensure all its stakeholders and employees act in accordance with social responsibility.