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81 Chemistry Labs in 81 Cities

BASF has signed a special protocol with the Ministry of National Education in 2010 about renewal of chemistry laboratories of 81 high schools in Turkey.

This initiated the project “81 Chemistry Laboratories in 81 Cities”. Since 2010 BASF has been renewing all decoration and equipments of the laboratories in 81 high schools. Social projects conducted worldwide by BASF mainly focus on education and children. In this project, BASF aims to endear new generations to chemistry. This project is carried out in the high schools within the regions having less of educational opportunities. The Ministry of National Education determines which schools will have their chemistry laboratories renewed.

With this project, students and teachers in the schools without sufficient laboratory or laboratory materials will be provided with these materials and have more efficient lessons.

As of today, laboratories of 79 high schools in 79 cities were renewed. By the end of the project, BASF will have fulfilled equipment and general decoration needs of laboratories in 81 high schools of 81 cities.

Aslı Çelikten
Corporate Communications Specialist