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81 Chemistry Labs in 81 Cities


BASF delivered the "81 Chemistry Labs in 81 Cities" project by signing an exclusive protocol with the Ministry of National Education in 2010 in order to renew the chemistry labs of 81 high schools.

Started upon the execution of the protocol in 2010 and completed as of January 2020, the project supported renewal of the infrastructure, equipment and furnishing of labs determined by MEB in 81 high schools across 81 cities. 

The social projects held by BASF around the world focus on education and children. This project also aims to encourage new generations to enjoy chemistry. BASF project includes high schools in relatively disadvantaged areas in terms of education opportunities. 

Thanks to the project, students and teachers have more productive sessions at the schools, which previously lacked a laboratory or suffered from insufficient lab facilities.

As part of the partnership made with the Young Guru Academy (YGA) in 2019, Science Kits were donated to schools within the scope of the project as a gift for the Science Campaign project. In this way, students have been encouraged to get creative to deliver numerous science projects. Furthermore, it is planned to support studies in such labs by sending out computers to the schools within the scope of the project. Project will be continued with new activities to be designed for the effective use of labs.

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