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Kids' Lab Turkey

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Based on BASF's mission "We create chemistry for a sustainable future", BASF Kids' Lab is a global social responsibility project implemented to endear kids to chemistry and science.

It is a free event which allows 6-12 age group kids to conduct experiments under supervision of private tutors and assistants. During experiments kids have to wear aprons and protective goggles and at the end of the experiment they receive certificates. The Kids' Lab project reached 500.000 kids in 35 countries so far. Started its activities in Turkey in 2011, BASF Kids' Lab met kids who are interested in chemistry inside the Kids' Lab truck in several malls. 


As of March 2014, the Kids' Lab began to meet kids in the hall reserved in the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. Kids' Lab hosts experiments conducted by kids for four days a month throughout the year. Following the water storage experiment, kids began to conduct water purification experiment. Kids’ lab continued its activities in some shopping malls in addition to its permanent location in the museum and reached about 25.000 kids in Turkey.

In 2012, BASF was rewarded with the "Corporate Social Responsibility Societal Influence Applications Award" for the Kids' Lab project. The project also advanced to finals in the European Excellence Awards and the Sabre Awards which hosted awards for global public relations projects.

With the Kids' Lab booking system, visitors are hosted and event days are announced on BASF Kids’ Lab Turkey Facebook page. 

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