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Innovation Center Turkey

Providing solutions to several industrial sectors, BASF’s application labs in Turkey are united under Innovation Center Turkey together with additional labs. The center started its operations at the Teknopark Istanbul campus and develops specific solutions to local customers by taking into consideration the special characteristics of the Turkish market.

Innovation Center Turkey
Teknopark Istanbul
Sanayi Mahallesi Teknopark Bulvarı No:1/22B , 34906 Pendik/Istanbul

The Innovation Center building, where 3500 m2 of land is allocated by the Teknopark Istanbul, consists of labs, offices and seminar area. Several environment and human friendly features have been integrated into the project design and construction of the building, which is awarded LEED Gold Certificate in 2020.

Negative impacts of the development have been prevented by adhering to the LEED criteria in the design and construction of the project, and operational costs that might arise during the operation of the building are reduced through the applications with examples below, while improving the comfort of occupants and ensuring energy and water savings.  

  • Integrated Process.
  • Location and Transportation
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Materials & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality & Occupant Comfort  

At the Innovation Center, new solutions and efforts towards customers’ needs will take place in the fields of Human Nutrition, Agricultural Solutions, Home Care and Industrial Cleaning, Personal Care, Engineering Plastics and Polyurethane, Automotive Refinish Coatings and Architectural and Industrial Coatings. 

 Application laboratories: