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Who we are

BASF Innovation Center

Providing solutions to several industrial sectors, BASF’s application labs in Turkey are united under BASF Innovation Center together with additional labs. The center started its operations at the Teknopark Istanbul campus and develops specific solutions to local customers by taking into consideration the special characteristics of the Turkish market.

BASF Innovation Center
Teknopark Istanbul
Sanayi Mahallesi Teknopark Bulvarı No:1/22B , 34906 Pendik/Istanbul

The BASF Innovation Center building, where 3500 m2 of land is allocated by the Teknopark Istanbul, consists of labs, offices and seminar area. Several environment and human friendly features have been integrated into the project design and construction of the building, which is awarded LEED Gold Certificate in 2020.

Negative impacts of the development have been prevented by adhering to the LEED criteria in the design and construction of the project, and operational costs that might arise during the operation of the building are reduced through the applications with examples below, while improving the comfort of occupants and ensuring energy and water savings.  

  • Integrated Process.
  • Location and Transportation
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Materials & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality & Occupant Comfort  

At the Innovation Center, new solutions and efforts towards customers’ needs will take place in the fields of Human Nutrition, Agricultural Solutions, Home Care and Industrial Cleaning, Personal Care, Engineering Plastics and Polyurethane, Automotive Refinish Coatings and Architectural and Industrial Coatings. 

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What is LEED Certification System?

The LEED certification system, which has started in 1998, is an environment-friendly building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).
At our Innovation Center, we will offer tailor made solutions together with our customers. This center is the proof of our trust in our home market and our business partners.”  
Rami Atikoğlu
Managing Director, BASF Türk

 Application laboratories:

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Automotive Refinish Coatings

In addition to product trials, there are trainings related to product use, color matching and work flow at the lab designed for Automotive Refinish Professionals. In addition to this, it offers services related to color matching and formulation with its color lab.
Painter on an industrial lift painting a building pink

Architectural and Industrial Coatings

Customer specific services are provided in the lab where architectural and industrial coating formulations are developed. Formulation and test support are provided and technical seminars are given by using the dispersions, resins and additives offered to the market by BASF.
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Food Solutions

Special supports are provided for formulating solutions focused on Pastry, Ice Cream and Bakery. Common recipes are developed in the application lab where our customers have the opportunity to get technical and practical training.

Personal Care

Qualified and innovative solutions are developed to meet the needs in hair and skin care, baby care, sun protection, hair styling, oral and dental care areas.

Home Care and Industrial & Institutional Cleaning

Qualified and innovative solutions are offered to meet the needs in laundry, dishwashing, hard surface cleaning, institutional and industrial cleaning areas, as well as formulas are developed and performance tests are carried out.

Seed Solutions

Seed coating loading tests, dusting tests, fluidity and germination tests, which determine the quality of seed dressing, are carried out with the latest technological methods, and new recipes are created by checking the customers' recipes.

Performance Materials

In industries such as automotive, footwear, furniture, construction, white goods and CASE (surface coatings, adhesives and various elastomers); polyurethane systems, engineering plastics (PA, PBT, POM etc.) and thermoplastic components, which are formulated “according to need”, are developed to meet the specific production requirements of our customers.