Renovation of an old house with plaster board and insulation material - 3d rendering

Gypsum Wallboard is a common construction material in commercial and residential buildings, due to the product’s light weight, it facilitates easier installations, and saves both raw material and logistical costs. Additionally, it lowers energy consumption during the transportation process and reduces the building weight. This product is ideal for current trends in fast construction and prefabrication.


BASF offers a full range of foaming agent to optimize overall performance

BASF brings an innovative foaming agent solution which could be optimized between the density and strength in order to create a lightweight Gypsum Wallboard.  Being a key player in foaming agent in Asia, BASF offers a full range of foaming agent to optimize overall performance.


The optimized solutions to balance between weight, strength and foaming agent dosage


  • Vinapor® GYP 3711
    It is an innovative, newly developed foaming agent. It has strong foam power and less foam decomposition, this helps in generating mid-size bubble with a lower dosage during production, an ideal composition to balance the Wallboard weight and strength.

  • Vinapor® GYP 3110
    It enables the production of ultra-lightweight low-density Gypsum Wallboard products.

  • Vinapor® GYP 2620
    It is an efficient foaming agent which allows customers to be equipped with strong Gypsum Wallboards to support robust production processes.

BASF brings sustainable superplasticizer solutions

Melflux® superplasticizers, which is applied during the Gypsum Wallboard production process, offer additional water reduction potential compared to standard superplasticizers. Due to less water in the stucco, customers can effectively reduce energy costs for evaporation of excess water.

Melflux® has a range of high-performance superplasticizers derived from three major technologies. They are optimized for different application purposes and compatible for various sources of stucco.

Melflux® PCE supports in high efficiency water reduction during production processes for Wallboards. Whereby bringing energy savings during drying processes.


Melflux® PLUS has no limitation on setting time of stucco, which is a breakthrough technology in superplasticizer. On top of it, it keeps high efficiency water reduction during production processes & bringing energy savings.


Melflux® CC is an ideal selection for natural stuccos with high clay impurities providing enhanced dispersing performance and dosage efficient water reduction.


Our comprehensive product portfolio allows great compatibility with different raw materials as well as advanced production technologies to optimize the right gypsum wallboard according to the customer needs.