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Management, goals and dialog

We carry out our corporate purpose “We create chemistry for a sustainable future” by pursuing ambitious goals along our entire value chain. In this way, we aim to achieve profitable growth and take on social and environmental responsibility. As part of our responsibility, we engage in networks and stakeholder dialog. 

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We have set voluntary long-term global goals in the areas of economy, environment, safety, employees and society. Through these goals, sustainable development at BASF is transparent and verifiable.




Dialogue between different stakeholder groups on local, national and international level is necessary to promote and advance sustainability. Networks are therefore of major importance, they bring together the competences of different players.



Stakeholder Dialog

A fixed component of our sustainability management is the continuous exchange with our stakeholders. In 2013, in order to involve our stakeholders more intensively, we established the independent Stakeholder Advisory Council.


Business Handshake to Seal a Deal

BASF Political Communications & Advocacy

BASF pursues a constructive dialog with its societal stakeholders to ensure and improve its license to operate and as part of its commitment to develop sustainable solutions together with partners.