First Serifel® sale is Berry Sweet

Lee-Anne and Anthony Yewers at Berry Sweet are longstanding trailblazers in sustainability, so it comes as no surprise that they were the first in the Australia to buy BASF’s new Serifel® Biological Fungicide.


Glasurit EDUCATE student going for gold in Russia

BASF’s premium paint brand Glasurit is an official sponsor of the 'car painting' category of the upcoming WorldSkills competition in Kazan, Russia. Ahead of the event, we caught up with Maxine Colligan, Australia’s spray painting representative and graduate of the Glasurit EDUCATE program. 

Farming industry strives towards gender diversity

BASF is a proud supporter of the National Farmers Federation’s (NFF) Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program. Find out more about the NFF's two-day immersive retreat for the mentees in Canberra and meeting with Australia’s first Federal Agriculture Minister.

BASF supports Professional Women in Australian Pest Management Excellence Award

BASF is supporting the PWAPM Excellence Award, which seeks to recognise and highlight the achievement of women who have advanced the pest management industry. 

A trip of a lifetime

Each year BASF sponsors a student to travel to Germany for 10 weeks to practice their language skills and learn more about the culture. We caught up with Tara Keshavarz, BASF’s 2018 Australian- German exchange student, to find out more about her experience.

David Hawkins new Chair of Chemistry Australia

As the world’s leading chemical company, our social licence is key to enabling us to contribute both sustainably and economically to Australia for the long term. This is not only true for us at BASF, but also for the wider chemistry industry. To support the continued progression of our industry, David Hawkins, Chairman and Managing Director of BASF Australia and New Zealand, has accepted the role of Chair of Chemistry Australia.. 

Empowering women in construction 

When Fatima Mirzad, Master Builders Solutions NSW Specification Consultant, began her career in construction it was a daunting industry for a young, female, chemical engineer to enter.  We caught up with Fatima to chat about how the construction industry has changed and her experience being a Women In Construction Ambassador at the Sydney Build expo. 

BASF's Speed Skating Champion 

Lynley Crawford spends most days advising customers on which BASF performance material best suits their project, and most nights skating in circles around an industrial estate. As a Technical Manager by day and a pro inline speed skater by night, every day for Lynley is different. 

Jane hits the road with Mining Solutions

They say you can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. To get more of an understanding of what her colleagues get up to out in the field, Mining Solutions customer service officer Jane Azzopardi, went on the road. 

Talking crop protection with Anna Anderson

On most days you can find Anna Anderson, Territory Manager for Crop Protection, driving around the North Island of New Zealand visiting resellers and farmers.  Find out about Anna's life on the road.

A chat with Tony Chapman

We spoke to Tony Chapman, operations supervisor, about a typical day working at BASF Australia's Automotive Refinish Technology (ART) distribution center in Dandenong South.

BASF's prince of Albany

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, the BASF Albany office is tucked away in a modern, industrial estate north of Auckland. This site is home to BASF New Zealand's Construction Chemicals business, and a prince.

A lunch break with New Zealand's Customer Service team

When it comes to close-knit teams, they don’t come much closer that the BASF New Zealand Customer Service team. Based in BASF’s Auckland office, opposite the airport, on most days the team have the freedom to make almost as much noise as the planes flying overhead. 

The man with the van: on the road with Johnnie Jackson

From veterans to new joiners, rock stars to princes, we went on the road to get to know the people who are BASF New Zealand. ​Johnnie affectionally known to his colleagues as the ‘man with a van’,  has been on the road selling BASF’s Glasurit automotive paints for 14 years and has many stories to share. 

Between people and perfection

BASF is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Science Gallery Melbourne youth mediators program. Hear from Science Gallery mediator Emma Byers, on working at PERFECTION and getting young people excited about STEM.  

The man inside the mirror

Do computers control society? Should we be weary of Artificial Intelligence? Fearing that the everyday person has a limited understanding of AI, Dr. Niels Wouters created the sci-fi installation ‘Biometric Mirror’ to force viewers to question AI, and their own reflection. 

Meet our 2018 GROW Graduate - Lachlan

Getting your first job or graduate placement after university is an exciting time, but can also feel like a big decision to choose the right fit and experiences for you. If a graduate program that provides exposure across a multinational business in a variety of roles sounds like it might be the opportunity you’ve been after, then BASF’s Graduate program could be for you. Our BASF ANZ 2018 GROW Graduate, Lachlan Hedges, shares his experience in choosing the right path for him.

Customer innovation a focus at new lab facilities

Local technical support and resources are crucial to helping our customers develop new and sustainable innovations in the paint and coatings industry. BASF was pleased recently to open a new laboratory and technical support centre for its local dispersions and resins business in Australia and New Zealand.

Debunking sunscreen myths part 5 – How much SPF are we really getting?

Another myth is to do with the application amount of sunscreen and value of SPF we enjoy from it. This myth has been spread often by ‘experts’, from which we often hear: ‘If you use a half the volume of SPF, then you actually only enjoy a square root of the SPF value.’ But is this the truth?

Debunking sunscreen myths part 4 – Effectiveness of photostable vs photo unstable UV filters

In June 2011, the American FDA standardized and regulated UVA protection for the first time. This concluded that the standard of broad spectrum UVA protection could be fixed at a critical wavelength greater than or equal to 370nm. But why did the FDA choose 370nm?

Debunking sunscreen myths part 3 – Is SPF 30 only marginally better than SPF 15?

We often hear myths around sunscreen like: The protecting factor of SPF 15 is not double that of SPF 30, nor is SPF 60 twice as effective as SPF 30. The rationale behind this myth is that if SPF 30 can filter out 96.7% of UV rays, while SPF 60 can filter out 98.3%, the resulting difference is only 1.6%. Actually, this is looking at the situation in the wrong way!


Debunking sunscreen myths part 2 - Physical UV filters only scatter and reflect UV rays?

Some people differentiate between soluble and insoluble sunscreen particles, grouping them into two types of UV filters, ‘physical’ and ‘chemical’ - but thinking about them in this way has led to many people misunderstanding how sunscreen really works to protect the skin.


Debunking sunscreen myths part 1 - UV radiation and sunburn

An abundance of information on the nature and damaging effects of ultra violet (UV) radiation from different sources has resulted in myths about suncare that are often passed off as facts. So through a series of articles, we’ll debunk five common misconceptions around sunscreen.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

A growth in sedentary lifestyles and high-fat diets has seen incidences of cardiovascular disease (CVD) increase. As a result, on average, someone now dies every 12 minutes in Australia from CVD. Taking a proactive stance against this and choosing food products fortified with plant sterols can significantly reduce the threat of heart disease, particularly for those most at risk.

50 years of Scholarships for Australian-German Student Exchange

BASF is proud to support the 50th year of the scholarship that offers Australian students the chance to travel to Germany for 10 weeks.

Wasps wiped out in game changing conservation program

The Wasp Wipeout community led conservation program, supported by BASF, achieved significant results in reducing the invasive wasp populations in the Nelson Bay, New Zealand, region.

Supporting women in STEM through SPRINT

In line with our ongoing support of STEM and in addition to our commitment to diversity and inclusion at BASF ANZ, we proudly supported the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's Women in Chemistry inaugural SPRINT program.

Cereals to get a sharpen up

Sharpen®, the most powerful and fast-acting Group G herbicide, has recieved registration for reduction of wild radish seed set and viability of weed seeds in wheat, barley and triticale from the early milky dough crop stage.

Students get hands on experience at our Tamworth Farm

Getting out of the classroom and into the field can be an invaluable experience for agriculture students, which is exactly what BASF provided recently when hosting a class of students from the University of New England at its research farm in Tamworth.

We plant trees for corporate volunteering

What better way to celebrate World Environment Day than to have some of our team out in the fresh air together to plant trees!

As a benefit to our staff and through our commitment to our community BASF Australia and New Zealand offers one corporate volunteering day each year, per person to use on a volunteering initiative of their choice.

Nowhere to hide: New approach in animal production rodent control

With rodent populations in rural areas booming, animal producers are taking to herbicide action plans alongside traditional baiting in a strategic bid to prevent the risk of feed contamination and spread of disease while securing electrical assets and water systems.

Rural areas are the target of hordes of mice again this year with farmers being warned to plan preventative pest control to secure their yields and protect property.

What does it take to revolutionise a safety helmet? Chemistry!

Martogg Group of Companies is Australia’s largest privately owned polymer distribution, resin compounding and plastics recycling company. Martogg worked with BASF to develop a plastic compound for a customer, Sureguard Safety Australia, seeking to produce a translucent safety helmet.  

Another successful year for BASF Kids’ Lab

This year, Kids’ Lab events were held across Australia and New Zealand in partnership with Monash University in Melbourne, Curtin University in Perth, University of New South Wales in Sydney and University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Giving new parents every ounce of support

There’s no question about it: returning to work after having a baby poses one of life’s biggest juggling acts for women. 

Pretty in pink

The iridescent salt lakes at BASF’s Hutt Lagoon facility were a natural choice for Myer’s Spring 2016 advertising campaign shoot.

Our research farm turns one

It’s been one year since we opened the gates at our research farm in Tamworth, New South Wales. And what a cropping success it has been!

Solution to help protect bees from Varroa mite approved for use in Australia

News emerging yesterday that a deadly ‘bee-killing parasite’, Varroa mite, has been found in a nest of Asian honey bees in far north Queensland, sparked concern among agriculture experts.

David Hawkins

BASF Australia and New Zealand’s new leader takes centre court

Back in April, we announced the appointment of David Hawkins as the new Chairman and Managing Director for BASF Australia and New Zealand. And today, 1 July 2016, marks David’s first official day in the new role.

Tablets are more than just active ingredients

Every year the pharmaceutical industry produces more than 1.3 trillion tablets globally but there’s more to a tablet than just the active ingredients.


Two Women, One Roof

This International Women’s Day, we sat down with female entrepreneur and winner of our Creator Space™ event, Sheree Rubinstein. Watch the interview to find out how she felt about winning the event, her advice to young entrepreneurs and what’s next for One Roof.  

Chemistry on the court

The tennis season is officially upon us. But as thousands of fans flock to see their favourites battle it out for the top spot in Australian Open, it got us thinking about the chemistry that goes on behind the scenes to make the game possible.

Five spooky facts about food waste that will frighten you

Halloween pumpkin sales are on the way up in Australia but before you bin that perfectly good pumpkin, consider these scary facts about food wastage.