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Verbundstandort Antwerpen, Belgien

BASF in Belgium

BASF has a strong presence in Belgium: 6 full BASF subsidiaries employ about 4,000 employees.

Chemistry for a sustainable future

Carbon Management: New Catalysts for Clean Olefins

Carbon Management

Ambitious climate goals require ambitious plans and innovative technologies.

Dr. Stefan Gräter und Dr. Andreas Kicherer zeigen eine Probe von Pyrolyseöl und damit hergestellten Kunststoff vor dem Steamcracker / Dr. Stefan Gräter and Dr. Andreas Kicherer are showing a sample of pyrolysis oil and thus produced plastic in front of the Steamcracker


Turning plastic waste into raw materials for new products: we make it possible with chemical recycling.

BASF plans to launch more than 30 pipeline products globally by 2028 to enable higher yields and quality as well as even more sustainable production for farmers.

Agriculture goes digital

With the digital solutions of xarvioTM we help farmers to optimise their production in a sustainable way.

Smart cities

Cities are growing. How do they remain a place where it is pleasant to live?

Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Together with 30 other companies, BASF has joined forces to put an end to plastic waste in the environment.

150 years Periodic Table of Elements

In 1869 Dmitri Mendeleev presented his Periodic Table of Elements to the world, a document that would prove invaluable for the further development of chemistry.

About BASF

Performance beyond dazzling impressions – Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral [Teaser]


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Our Strategy

At BASF, we have a passion for chemistry and our customers. Our strategy shows how we create chemistry for a sustainable future.

Results 2nd Quarter 2019 

On July 25, BASF announced its 2019 half-year results.