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Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse teams are essential for successful and innovative organizations. Teams of people of different age, gender, background, physical characteristics, sexual preference or belief or any distinction. We promote an inclusive work environment, encouraging our employees to achieve our ambition as a leading chemical company.


BASF and more than 50 other companies are committed to focusing more on all talent in the workforce and have signed a diversity charter, because talent knows no color, origin, age or orientation. The initiative comes from the network of companies VOKA - Antwerp-Waasland Chamber of Commerce.

BASF Antwerp also drew up a policy framework to continue working towards an inclusive working environment.

Our people are the driving force of the company. Teams that are diverse perform better, are more innovative and creative. That is why we want to attract, retain and develop diverse talent.

We value the individual contribution and talent of each employee and want to create a working environment in which everyone can be themselves, feel involved and accepted and can fully develop themselves.

We work together as one team through dialogue based on honesty, respect and mutual trust. We encourage inclusive behaviour and leave no room for discrimination, undesirable behaviour and/or harassment.

We encourage everyone to speak to each other to prevent or stop this. Reports are taken seriously. 

BASF Antwerp embraces diversity

We appreciate the unique contribution of each employee. By bringing people with diverse backgrounds, ideas, experiences and talents together and allowing them to work together, we are more successful. It helps us to look at problems from different angles and to come to solutions and decisions together. It gives us insight into social evolutions, so that we understand our (internal) customers better and we can better respond to their needs. Diversely composed teams are a lever for creativity and innovation.

BASF Antwerp leads with the power of inclusion

Our managers are role models in the application of the policies in daily practice. They lead by recognizing and valuing individual differences between employees. They make every effort to create an inclusive work environment that inspires and connects employees with equal opportunities for all.

BASF Antwerp encourages inclusive behaviour and does not tolerate discrimination

Together we ensure an inclusive working environment in which we work together respectfully and on the basis of mutual trust. Every human being is equally valuable, regardless of age, gender, background, physical characteristics, sexual orientation, religion or any distinction. We do not tolerate discrimination, undesirable behaviour and/or harassment.

BASF Antwerp recruits diverse talent and ensures their development

BASF Antwerp recruits talent based on competencies, regardless of age, gender, background, physical characteristics, sexual preference, religion or any other distinction. We also make every effort to recognize, value and develop diverse talent. We do this on the basis of performance and behaviour, measured on the basis of objective measures.

We also strive for more diverse leadership teams by increasing the number of women in leadership positions to 30% by 2030. By doing this, we aim to achieve a fair share of female leaders and more female employees worldwide.

Diversity is of course more than only gender. Click here to read more about Diversity & Inclusion within the BASF Group.