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Can you imagine the world without chemistry?

Chemistry plays an important role in the world we know.

Chemistry enables us to have mobile phones, cars, home care products, clothes. It provides us with more food and healthier food, it purifies the water we drink, it makes our lives cleaner.

Chemistry is all around us. In buildings we live in, shoes we wear, asphalt we walk on. Almost everything surrounding us is made of chemicals. Our soles need foam to make our walking smooth and painless, our clothes need synthetic colours be vivid, our homes need chemistry to be warm.

Chemistry plays such an important role in the world we know. That’s why, every day, at BASF, we don’t just make chemicals, we create chemistry.

Can you image the world without chemistry?


Chemistry makes our lives cleaner

The COVID-19 pandemic has been posing great challenges for the world recently and changing the world as we know it. All industries have been trying their best to keep up with the current situation and to stop the spread of the virus, but there is one industry that has a vital role: the chemical industry.

Chemistry enables sufficient food

In 2050, nearly ten billion people will live on Earth. While the world’s population and its demands continue growing, the planet’s resources are finite. The United Nations (U.N.) predicts that by 2050, mankind will need to increase food production by 70% to feed the world.

Chemistry protects our skin

If there were no chemistry, the beach on a sunny day would only be a part of our imagination. We would have burns, our skin would be damaged, and we would age much earlier. Plants love sun. Humans love sun. Everybody loves sun. But sun can be very harmful, too. 

Chemistry enhances digital life

At BASF, we connect our innovation with the needs of our customers in the global electronic industry to provide the most advanced chemicals and electronic materials in the E&E value chain. 

Chemistry keeps the wheels rolling

When private automobile traffic took off in the nineteen-fifties, the demand for car and bicycle tires was up significantly. Ever since, BASF’s tackifiers have been used in tire production around the globe.

Chemistry protects our cars from damages and makes them colorful

The number of cars on our streets is growing constantly. By 2020, there were approximately 1.2 billion cars on the road worldwide.

Chemistry enables recycling of plastic waste

There is an increasing regulatory pressure regarding recycling quota and recyclability on the one hand and strong commitments of our customers towards increasing the share of recycled material in their offerings on the other hand. 

Chemistry protects the climate

BASF supports the objective of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. For BASF, climate protection is a key task and an essential part of our strategy.

Chemistry contributes to a sustainable future

At BASF, we want to contribute to a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone. We do so by creating chemistry for our customers and society and by making the best use of available resources. 

Chemistry creates value for the society

Sustainable development has been defined as the balance of economic success, ecological protection and social responsibility. To effectively manage sustainability, company must be able to measure or otherwise quantify sustainability in each of these pillars.