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We commit ourselves to responsible, honest and transparent action based on our values and principles. We are committed to ensuring that our dialogue and advocacy is in compliance with our Global Code of Conduct, and the rules and principles set out in our policy.

The implementation of the policy lies with the communications leadership team, a group of senior executives overseeing communications and political relations activities globally. It develops, monitors and ensures the implementation of our policy as well as our positions.

Our government relations department is under direct oversight of BASF’s CEO, Martin Brudermüller. All board members are regularly and continuously briefed on and oversee the political activities of BASF. The general political strategy is discussed in high level management meetings. BASF’s board members and high-level management are actively involved in representing BASF’s interests as well as those of the chemical industry generally.

In addition, we welcome initiatives for greater transparency in the area of interest representation and are listed as a company in the European Commission's Transparency Register and in the Lobby Register of the German Bundestag (in German).