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China (Mainland)


Senior Staff, Product Development (Totsuka)

Meet Abhinav, who is now working as senior staff in Product Development at BASF Japan Ltd. Coatings in Totsuka, Japan.

A company with a truly global outlook
"I joined BASF because of the company's truly global outlook.  I always wanted to work in a multi-cultural environment with the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds."

Freedom and responsibility
"One of my training assignments saw me working independently on a project involving the development of a new product.  Being relatively new, I was still learning the basics but I enjoyed the freedom and responsibility presented to me to pursue the task at hand."

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A collaborative environment
"I enjoy being able to deliver on customer needs, whether it is improvement of existing products or the development of next-generation products.  I am constantly working towards this goal by collaborating with other BASF members and customers, while improving my existing skills and picking up new ones."

Explore new areas; learn about different aspects of the business
"I have found that BASF works towards capitalizing the potential of its employees by developing talent and giving opportunities even in areas that may not be in their specialization. This has enabled me to explore new areas as well as learn about different aspects of the business, which I believe is essential to be an effective leader."

More about Abhinav's background
Abhinav has a doctorate in Engineering. When he's not working, he likes outdoor activities, travelling and weight training.

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