R&D Basecoat Senior Specialist, Automotive OEM Coatings (Totsuka)

Meet Kyohei, working as an R&D Basecoat Senior Specialist in Totsuka, Japan. He is currently one of the main developers on the next-generation paint system for automotive OEMs.


An opportunity to build on strengths
"When I was considering my different career options, it was important for me to find an opportunity where I could build on my strengths – my English language skills and my degree in chemistry. CYP allowed me to do that. Today, it's part of my daily responsibilities to work with colleagues and customers outside of Japan. Since the Coatings division in Japan was originally a Japanese company, my managers and colleagues count on my language skills, driving me to do better."


Challenging work with plenty of opportunity
"The automotive industry is a challenging to work in but you are well supported at BASF through the latest technology and tailored training programs. You can create multiple solutions and design a variety of career paths for yourself. As long as you bring passion and commitment to your work, the opportunities for growing with the company are there."

Continual innovation
"Working at BASF, we are in a unique position to be able to help our customers realize their goals and maintain our market leadership. We are continually innovating to support growing markets across the region, and that what motivates me the most."

More about Kyohei's background
Kyohei has a Master's degree in Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry. When he's not working, he likes to plan his ideal trip and sometimes even go on it.

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