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China (Mainland)


R&D Specialist, Automotive Coatings Solutions (Totsuka)

Meet Satomi, working as an R&D Specialist. Satomi and the global R&D team are working closely together to develop the next generation material for basecoats aiming to achieve higher performance and an enhanced appearance.


Work with the industry's top experts
"Here, at the company's production site in Totsuka, there are numerous paint experts with comprehensive knowledge of customer perspective and technical capabilities supported by experience. I have learned a lot from them."

Work with the world's leading companies
"Japanese automotive companies utilize high quality technologies and have earned leading positions in the global marketplace. By working with these customers, together we can develop Japan's original technologies and actively use them to grow the business globally. I am inspired every day!"

Photo_Satomi 2.jpg

Interesting jobs and exciting activities
"We not only have interesting jobs here but some of our other activities are often just as exciting. In September 2016, I organized a technical women's group to improve working conditions for women at BASF Japan. Through the activity, we have created a valuable network and we encourage each other in a variety of areas. Now we are working with the company to implement our recommendations."

"Speaking up is important in BASF. The number of opportunities available to you will expand exponentially if you have conversations about what you want to achieve and proactively take on new challenges."

Photo Satomi 3.png

Collaboration with diversity
"BASF is a global company and there are many opportunities to work colleagues with various nationalities and backgrounds. Each of them has a different potential. I'm looking forward to seeing what we will develop from our collaboration."

More about Satomi's background
Satomi has a master's degree in Engineering. When she's not working, Satomi enjoys reading, fine food and cooking.

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