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Safety is of prime importance to us

Support BASF in safety and hazard control.


The principle "We never compromise on safety" is firmly anchored in our sustainable strategy. Our services include plant safety through occupational safety, hazard control and transport safety to employee protection, knowledge protection and site protection. The switch between prevention, practical advice and the provision of specific services requires expertise, farsightedness and operational readiness. Via our centers of expertise we support the experts in our regional networks with globally applicable standards, guidelines and best practices and also implement and audit them!

Are you interested in developing and implementing sustainable safety conditions? Do you have the ability to assess complex subject matter, implement it in protection plans and rules and also convey these to internal and external target groups clearly, confidently and convincingly in English?

If so, we can offer you demanding tasks with a high level of personal responsibility.

Your introduction will be "on the job" in a committed, competent team and you will be supported by specialist sponsors.

If you would like to share your experience with us and contribute to a safer BASF, then please apply via our online careers portal.

Depending on the job profile we are looking for university graduates in the following areas:

  • Safety management
  • Shipping/transportation/logistics
  • Chemistry
  • Process technology
  • Safety engineering
  • Occupational and industrial psychology
  • News and communications technology

Employees with the following professions are also working with us:

  • Specialists in occupational health and safety and accident prevention
  • Firemen and firewomen
  • Commercial shipping and logistics experts
  • Security consultants
  • Specialist information protection
  • Security and protection specialists
  • Security service staff

Our security experts not only work in the head office in Ludwigshafen but also in many BASF sites across Germany and abroad.

Some possible work areas are listed below:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Plant security and explosion protection
  • Transport safety
  • Hazardous substance management
  • Fire service and hazard control
  • Personal and event protection
  • Protection of information
  • Site security and work safety
  • Security technology
  • Personal protection and event protection
  • Investigation

Our focus is the safety and security of products, transportation, sites and knowledge as well as the protection of our employees.

This includes:

  • Safety reviews and advice for BASF plants
  • Risk assessments
  • Occupational safety advice and support
  • Fire service deployment for hazard control and preventive fire protection
  • Documentation and analysis of accident and damage scenarios
  • Hazardous goods classification, monitoring and advice
  • Safety inspections and training

If you have a high level of specialist and personal understanding of safety and security and of safe behavior in the company, these are good pre-conditions for:

  • A specialist promotion into an expert career path
  • A successful lateral entry into engineering and production
  • Varied management functions in plant management at a site, in a region on in a business division.

We are one the world's leading chemical companies in safety and hazard control. We use our know-how to protect people, the environment, plants, knowledge and reputation in the best possible way.

And to achieve this we collaborate with other leading companies across the chemicals industry.

We use the verbund to further develop BASF global standards, local guidelines and regional guidance in operational safety management based on our experiences from our practical daily work. Through successful prevention work and specialist mentoring we contribute towards sustainable solutions, safe procedures and to the success of the company.