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China (Mainland)

BASF information


Challenges and opportunities for China’s automotive market

Facing a changing market environment, how will China’s automotive manufacturers address the transformation? What solutions can BASF provide?

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Innovative catalyst technologies for cleaner air

With its Innovative catalyst technologies, BASF helps Weichai cope with the most stringent emission control regulations, improves the comprehensive product capabilities and achieve greater business success.

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BASF in cars

BASF is the leading chemical supplier to the automotive industry. This graphic provides additional information on which BASF products are used in cars and how they perform.

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Colorful cars start from green

As one of the leading automotive coatings suppliers in the world, BASF is actively exploring eco-friendly automotive coatings, coating processes and solutions, helping car manufacturers tackle the severe challenges of balancing economic effectiveness and ecological efficiency.

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Design freedom: next stop of innovation

The automotive instrument panel prototype co-developed by BASF and Yanfeng inspires new ideas in car design.

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On the road to Mobility 4.0

The car industry is ready for the biggest revolution in automotive history and has been drawing closer to the IT industry for many years now.

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Collaborative innovation for personalized nutrition

BASF and By-Health collaborate to develop personalized nutrition solutions.

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Precision agriculture in the digital era

The internet is playing a key role in the transformation of industries. What new opportunities is the agriculture industry facing with in the digital era?

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Sunvue® low blue lighting -- reinventing LED illumination

BASF Sunvue® lighting series present an innovative solution that significantly reduces the blue light from LED and provides a higher color rendering index.

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The development trends of sunscreen products in China

What is Chinese consumers' expectation on sunscreen products? How will sunscreen technology and formulation develop?

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Interview with Haryono Lim - BASF’s new Verbund project in China

BASF is investigating a $10 billion Verbund project in the southern China province of Guangdong. Haryono Lim, Senior Vice President, Senior Project New Verbund Site China, recently provided insights – and a video – about the background and future of the project.

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Safety always

BASF works together with logistic service providers, chemical manufacturers, industry associations and government to promote chemical transportation safety on the road.

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