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China (Mainland)

Food and nutrition


Collaborative innovation for personalized nutrition

BASF and By-Health collaborate to develop personalized nutrition solutions.

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Precision agriculture in the digital era

The internet is playing a key role in the transformation of industries. What new opportunities is the agriculture industry facing with in the digital era?

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China's future farming

China accounts for 7% of total agricultural acreage globally, while feeding 22% of the world population. Agricultural situation here is very different from that in other countries like Japan or America.

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Go to the countryside - Yunyan’s story

The problems and challenges confronting China’s agriculture sector are best learned by visiting the countryside.

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The future farm

What do future farms demand to provide all people with high-quality foods?

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Food packaging insights

Fast urbanization of the world has promoted the rapid development of food packaging industry. So what are the future trends for food packaging?

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