Little scientist at BASF Kids’ Lab

For more than a decade, BASF has engaged over 135,000 kids across Greater China in the magical world of chemistry through its interactive chemistry laboratory, BASF Kids’ Lab. Mentored by well-trained voluntary instructors, kids learn in a fun way about how chemistry can benefit the environment and contribute to a better future. Author Haotian Dou is one of the volunteers at the Kids’ Lab this year.

Ten years ago, Dou was one of the kids doing experiments at BASF Kids’ Lab.
This year, Dou was one of the voluntary instructors at BASF Kids’ Lab in Chongqing.

I was born in the residential area of Yangtze Petrochemical Company, and my father worked in the chemical industry. That’s probably why I have an affinity with chemistry. My first encounter with this fascinating subject came 10 years ago at BASF Kids’ Lab, where the hands-on experience in some interesting experiments enabled me to get a glimpse into the magical world of chemistry. Despite fading childhood memories as time passes by, I still keep the red apron in my room as my aspiration for chemistry began to grow.

Now I am a freshman of Chemical Engineering and Process Major. This summer, I was excited to learn that the BASF Kids’ Lab was coming to Chongqing for the first time. I immediately applied to become a student helper. Coming back to the Kids’ Lab, I felt a sense of belonging immediately when I saw the familiar aprons and the lovely Dr. Bubble. The BASF Kid’s Lab definitely made a profound impact in my life.

This summer’s Kids’ Lab also provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet some like-minded friends enthusiastic about the chemical world. In this one-week event, we experienced the challenge in facing scores of kids and their parents, got exhausted when running the campaign under the sun, and became delighted to see the kids and parents leave with satisfaction. We were happy to witness the fully packed sessions. Looking back, I could still feel the happiness and sincerity. I was very proud to be a part of Kids’ Lab when I saw the impressed young participants and their approving parents.

As one of my fellow student helpers said, “10 days would be enough to change one man’s life.” In 10 days, we not only had an internship experience, but more importantly earned each other’s friendship. Coming from different cities, universities and majors, the 15 student helpers constituted a united team with strong resolve and action. We set a goal for this year’s Lab: “To build a brand and have good start.” With our hard work, I believe that we not only achieved this goal but also set a new one for our own life.

These experiments successfully aroused the interests of many kids and made them ask for more. Therefore, I hope the BASF Kids’ Lab would provide more interesting experiments for them next year when I will again put up my apron and goggles to help them explore the magical world of chemistry.

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