BASF in Greater China 2022

Occupational health

  • Worldwide standards for occupational health guided by experts
  • Global Health Campaign "Good morning - regeneration through sleep"
  • Ensuring medical emergency preparedness at sites and providing adequate health support to employees during Covid-19 resurgence 

At BASF, our commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment is unwavering. BASF’s global corporate health management team oversees promoting and maintaining the health and productivity of our employees. Regular health checks offered by BASF is the foundation of our global health promotion program. We also provide tailored health programs to specific groups to raise the awareness of various health issues.

In 2022, the annual Global Health Campaign was dedicated to the motto “Good morning – regeneration through sleep”. With the  The annual Global Health Campaign in 2022 was themed “Good morning – regeneration through sleep”. The global initiative comprised interactive events and a wide range of virtual and in person seminars on the various elements that influence peaceful sleep, with over 400 sites globally participating, including sites in China.

The Health Performance Index (HPI) is used to assess our health care performance. It consists of five components: recognized occupational diseases, medical emergency preparedness, first aid, preventive medicine, and health promotion. With the highest score being 1.0, each component contributes a maximum of 0.2 to the total score. At BASF, we aim to reach a value of more than 0.9 every year. With an HPI of 0.97, we once again reached the goal in 2022 (2021: 0.96) in Greater China.

We continued to make significant efforts in epidemic prevention at our Greater China sites in 2022. Employees can use the digital tool in the employee portal to report their health status on a voluntary basis. Our health experts provided round-the-clock medical consultation services for all employees in Greater China. In August, BASF and the Shanghai No.7 People’s Hospital signed an agreement to form the Alliance of “Harmonious Health”, which strengthened the cooperation between the BASF Pudong site and the No.7 hospital on medical emergencies accessibility of medical services, and health management. The hospital also provided training to our medical staff at our Pudong site clinic to improve their medical skills and knowledge.