BASF in Greater China 2022

Transportation and distribution safety

  •  Ensuring full compliance with road safety regulations

We work with reliable logistics partners to ensure safe transportation, handling, and storage of our products. To ensure distribution safety, it is crucial to ensure full compliance with road safety laws through the execution of various programs. These initiatives include an internal Transportation and Distribution Safety (TDS) Review for BASF sites, a Chemical Road Safety Assessment System (CRSAS) and a Warehouse Safety Assessment (WSA) for all our logistics service providers. TDS Reviews cover 26 production sites in China and involve more than 70 TDS Responsible Persons who are in charge of TDS related tasks. All internal procedures are reviewed on a regular basis in accordance with global questionnaires and methodologies to ensure compliance with both local regulations and BASF standards. In 2022, our logistics service providers in China performed a total of 35 CRSAS and 20 WSA.

Working with various industrial partners, BASF created a uniform assessment scheme for warehouse service providers in the chemical industry. The Chemical Warehouse Safety Assessment System (CWSAS) is supported by industry associations, and BASF is one of the technical committee members. BASF assisted CWSAS in developing procedures and methodologies, as well as providing training to 31 appointed independent assessors. The CWSAS system officially went live in December 2022. Within BASF, we will actively promote CWSAS development and intend to replace our internal WSA by CWSAS step-by-step.

As part of the technical committee of CRSAS and CWSAS, we continue to share our perspectives and expertise with other chemical industry players and authorities, particularly in the issuance of the new national standard, GB 15603 “General Rules for Storage of Hazardous Chemicals”, which will go into effect on July 1, 2023.