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March 1, 2018

BASF’s light stabilizers make translucent safety helmets safer and more durable

  • New translucent helmets improve visibility and reduce discomfort
  • BASF light stabilizers improve durability by protecting helmets from harmful effects of UV radiation
Melbourne, Australia – March 1, 2018 – Martogg Group of Companies, Australia’s largest privately-owned polymer distribution, resin compounding and plastics recycling company, has supported its customer, Sureguard Safety Australia, in the development of a revolutionary, translucent safety helmet – with light stabilizers from BASF playing a crucial role.
Designed to be translucent with a see-through peak, this safety helmet provides wearers with improved visibility compared with a traditional hard-shell protective helmet, and can offer long-lasting protection, thanks to its practical design features and BASF’s innovative light stabilizers.
“Personal protective equipment is fundamental to reducing workplace injuries and fatalities,” said Hermann Althoff, BASF’s Senior Vice President, Performance Chemicals Asia Pacific. “With BASF light stabilizers, these translucent helmets provide long-lasting protection against strong UV radiation, extending the life of the polymer compound.”
Plastic compounds used in safety gear need to be strong and durable enough to meet strict regulations. Exposure to sunlight, and some artificial lights, can have adverse effects on the life of plastic products. In particular, ultraviolet light can initiate chemical reactions in polymers which result in discoloration and the breakdown of chemical bonds and loss of physical properties. BASF’s range of light stabilizers include UV absorbers that act by shielding the polymer from ultraviolet light, and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) that act by removing the radical intermediates formed in the photo-oxidation process. In addition, BASF’s light stabilizers improve manufacturing productivity with more efficient continuous production, offering high chemical resistance and wide product stewardship compliance.
The helmet’s see-through peak allows the wearers to look upwards without the need to tilt the head back, which causes discomfort in the neck over a prolonged period of time. The helmet can be worn in the proper, safe way without discomfort.
“We worked with BASF to develop a plastic compound for our customer, Sureguard Safety Australia,” says Mr. Craig Riley, National Sales Manager, Martogg Group. “The Clearview helmet’s modern design is an improvement on the traditional hard shell protective helmet, offering wearers maximum peripheral vision. It is manufactured from a high impact polycarbonate material that gives it light weight but extra strong properties. This product will appeal to industries where safety in the workplace and the comfort of the workforce are paramount.”
The finished product, the Clearview helmet, is available in a wide range of attractive, translucent colors.
About BASF Plastic Additives
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BASF light stabilizers provide long-lasting protection to translucent safety helmets against strong UV radiation thereby, extending the life of the polymer compound and providing peace of mind to workers.

BASF light stabilizers provide long-lasting protection to translucent safety helmets against strong UV radiation thereby, extending the life of the polymer compound and providing peace of mind to workers.

Last Update March 1, 2018