Trade News  |  April 7, 2021

Production of Joncryl® High Performance Barrier (HPB) coatings at BASF Shanghai Pudong site offers solutions to improve carbon footprint for packaging

  • Joncryl HPB 4K series reduces solvent emission
  • Water-based liquid barrier coating plays an important role in latest packaging trend and conservation of natural resources
  • Production close to point-of-use contributes to energy savings and improved CO2 footprint

Hong Kong SAR, China – April 7, 2021 – Joncryl High Performance Barrier (HPB) products are water-based film-forming dispersions that provide heat-sealable liquid barrier. The HPB series enables the design of single-use paper food packaging that is repulpable after use, unlike current polyethylene laminates. This new class of product allows the industry to partly replace virgin pulp at the paper mill, minimizing the environmental impact of single usage paper packaging. Water-based barrier coatings demand has increased significantly over recent years in Asia Pacific. Food and beverage brand owners along with food packaging manufacturers have committed to implement more sustainable solutions. BASF, as a market leader in dispersions and resins, is working to enable the industry to deliver on these commitments through our innovative products. 

“Joncryl HPB products have been successfully introduced to the food packaging industry. The series is FDA-approved for direct food contact and can be used for food packaging, such as takeaway boxes and cups. Based on the market needs, we decided to expand our global production footprint to include China in order to support our global and regional customer base,” explained Henry Paeckert, Vice President of Dispersions & Resins, BASF China.

“We innovate in the packaging industry to support the development of safe and sustainable solutions. Our R&D team has developed a new portfolio with Joncryl HPB 4K with comparable performance to polyethylene laminates, therefore enabling the industry to reduce the consumption of fresh pulp at the paper mill after collection of used packaging. Sustainability is one of the key pillars of the BASF growth strategy. The commercialization and production of the HPB range in China is one clear demonstration of our implementation,” said Sylvain Huguenard, Vice President, Resins & Additives, Asia Pacific, BASF.

The BASF Shanghai Pudong site was established in 1994, and became a BASF wholly-owned entity in 2000. It is also where the Greater China headquarters is located. It began operating its first acrylics dispersions production line in 2001.

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Elly Au
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Joncryl High Performance Barrier series enables the design of single-use paper food packaging that is repulpable after use