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Elastoflex® for Advanced Headliner Foam System


BASF advanced headliner foam system provides a low density lightweight solution (~22kg/m³), also contributing to high acoustic performance, which supports the leading headliner tier 1 in satisfying OEM stricter NVH requirements. Thanks to the special basic raw material and formula design, BASF system can greatly reduce emissions while maintaining the same physical properties.

  • Low emission, low odor, satisfies major OEM emission standard and government regulations
  • High acoustic performance
  • Low density
  • Made of Low emission Polyurethane (PU)
  • Improve production efficiency of TF foam process
  • Continuous improvement w/ emissions
  • Reduce waste
  • Better acoustic performance; contribute to the control of NVH level in the car
  • Low density to save cost and weight of headliner part