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China (Mainland)

Elastoflex® E for Instrument & Door Panel Foam


The semi-rigid foam system is ideal for foambacking surface skins, films and model parts. The low emission Polyurethane (PU) synthetic leather, TPU synthetic leather, Polyurethane (PU) spray skin increases passenger comfort, guaranteeing high quality appearance and soft contours, and gives an excellent and pleasant soft touch.

  • Less material usage; thin walling & lower density
  • Global availability
  • Low emissions
  • Airbag deployment concepts; laser cut clean tear
  • OE’s divesting PVC skin (plasticizer migration)
  • Reduction of demold/cycle time
  • Low level scrap & rework
  • Good adhesive to different skin (TPU/PU/PVC)
  • Global offerings (processing/properties)
  • Low emissions offerings
  • Thin wall chemistry
  • PU mold flow analysis