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China (Mainland)

Elastoflex® W for All MDI Multi-Hardness Seating Cushion Solution


All MDI seating systems are injected into seating molds by adjusting the A:B index to generate different density layers to achieve excellent static and dynamic comfort performance.

  • Foam layers with different densities, soft layer provide static comfort while hard layer offer dynamic comfort
  • Excellent vibration absorption
  • Different density foam comes from one PU system, by adjusting index of C-A and C-B
  • Adaptable to different design of foam density, satisfy OEM and tier 1’s technical requirement
  • Low emission polyurethane (PU) foam seating
  • Dual hardness seating cushion
  • Better comfort (including dynamic and static comfort) feeling of passengers. Less vehicle and seat vibration
  • Adaptable to current common seat molding processing line
  • High durability and comfort can make slim design