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Innovating solutions for Paper Coatings & Carpet

BASF is the world’s leading supplier of binders for the paper and carpet industries. We offer a wide range of Styrene Butadiene and Styrene Acrylic dispersions to our customers, including specialty and tailor-made grades for specific requirements. Our innovative solutions help papermakers in delivering top quality products and increase productivity while reducing total operation cost.

Coating in paper or board is intended to improve printability, smoothness, coverage and strength of the paper surface. Binders are crucial in binding the pigment to the surface of the paper or board to improve the printability and to impart special characteristic which is required for special application. In carpet industry, binders are used to fix the fibers and provide dimensional stability.

Both paper & carpet are considered as old commodity industries. There are many competitors in the market which lead to oversupply, therefor the competition is fierce. For paper and carpet manufacturers, they must be innovative, cost competitive and work with the right suppliers to stand out in the competition.

Latest 3 key innovative solutions from BASF to provide our customer a competitive advantage in the market.

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