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BASF gets involved in global initiatives and networks for sustainable development at an early stage, often as a founding member. However, it also maintains and institutionalizes dialog with its stakeholders on-site.

Exchange With Expertise

The collaboration of various social groups and the pooling of their expertise is important when it comes to sustainability. The UN Global Compact co-founded by BASF in 2000 is just one example of this.

On Equal Terms

BASF has encouraged the open dialog with citizens at its locations all over the world with neighborhood forums since 1989. These are designed to promote intensive, permanent, and institutionalized exchange.

BASF set up its first neighborhood forums, or Community Advisory Panels (CAPs), in 1989. It was no coincidence that these first forums were in the United States, as they were a regulatory requirement there. As CAPs proved themselves as a bridge between citizens and operations here, the model was launched in other locations, too: In 1994, BASF established its first CAP outside the United States at its site in Altamira, Mexico.

This was followed by a neighborhood forum in Tarragona, Spain, just one year later, and one in Ludwigshafen in 2000. BASF initiated its first CAP in Asia at the Yeosu site in Korea in 2002, which was also the first neighborhood forum of a chemical company in the country. During the same year, BASF also developed the first standards for the neighborhood forums, which stipulated a balanced group of participants and regular meetings among other things. These were revised most recently in 2017.