BASF Caojing site

A major production site with one wholly-owned company and three joint ventures

Location: Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in Caojing, Shanghai


Key milestones:

  • Established in 2002 
  • First PolyTHF® production in 2005
  • Operating 16 production plants as of the end of 2021


Major companies:

  • BASF Chemicals Co. Ltd. (wholly-owned)
  • BASF Shanghai Coatings Co. Ltd. (joint venture with Shanghai Huayi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd)
  • Shanghai BASF Polyurethane Company Limited (joint venture with several partners)


Products: Polytetrahydrofuran (PolyTHF®), TDI (toluene diisocyanate), MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate), polyisocyanate (Basonat®), precious metals-based salts and solutions, automotive coatings, resins and electrocoat, polyamide polymerization and process catalysts and antioxidants

Safety inspection at the BASF site in Caojing, China. At BASF, we never compromise on safety. This principle is embedded in our strategy, and applied in operating our own facilities.