EXPERIMENT 150 – The anniversary documentary

After a successful premier at the 12th FESTIVAL OF GERMAN FILMS and cinema screenings across the globe, BASF’s 150th anniversary documentary „EXPERIMENT 150 – Co-Creating for a sustainable future”, is now being released online.

Experiment 150

A film by Thomas Grube
Documentary, Germany 2016, 120 Min., HD, Stereo
Worldpremier at the 12th FESTIVAL OF GERMAN FILMS

The official DVD of the movie is also available at the Anil-in-Shop.


About the movie

The future holds immense challenges for us, and our world is becoming more and more complex. Finding truly sustainable solutions that will secure a better future for us and the planet is not easy, yet it is becoming increasingly urgent that we do so. This is also, however, a major opportunity. BASF’s 150th anniversary marks the start of an experiment that will bring the future into the present.

EXPERIMENT 150 is an extraordinary adventure – a kind of cultural change. BASF, the world’s largest chemicals company has set itself the goal of opening up to everyone in society – friends and critics alike. In its efforts to find better solutions to the challenges of tomorrow, BASF wants to work with scientists, researchers, policymakers, NGOs, environmental activists, town planners, futurologists and members of civil society. The goal is to drive innovations that have a broad enough perspective to be truly sustainable in terms of society, the environment and the economy, and that serve the common good.

But cultural change does not happen overnight, and a corporation’s DNA evolves gradually. In this sense, the experiment is also a systemic challenge. Can a world really be sustainable if it relies on constant growth and profit, and if its business models are built on the idea that we will keep consuming more and more products – in megacities that will eventually be home to 80% of the global population – and on increasing conflicts that are rooted in fear, uncertainty and injustice? The Creator Spaces in New York, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Barcelona and Ludwigshafen have started the discussion.

There is no going back.

About Thomas Grube

Thomas Grube is a multi-award-winning director and producer who lives and works in Berlin. His films are authentic and human, and tell exceptional stories with a powerful visual language. His film Rhythm Is It! won numerous awards, including the Bavarian Film Prize and the German Film Prize in Gold. Thomas has been producing and distributing his documentaries and music films through Boomtown Media since 1999.

Thomas Grube bei ARRI Berlin

“The networked, solution-oriented and collaborative approach of co-creation, and the corresponding motivation to take on responsibility reflects many people’s attitudes and approaches to life today. Perhaps this is precisely the kind of attitude that can bring us closer to a world where the hunger for growth is not the sole focus – a world where sustainability, meaningfulness, and a genuine improvement in our quality of life are measurable indicators of success.”


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