Long-term treatment against aging

The clear, cubist forms of the gleaming white Fundació Joan Miró building soar into the blue skies over Barcelona. The idea for this museum came from the Catalan artist himself. It was completed in 1975 by his friend, the architect Josep Lluís Sert, a student of Le Corbusier.


However, the quality of the concrete, compounded by its exposure to the salty sea climate, caused the building to age rapidly. It developed corrosion damage in many places, and this meant that repair work had to be started in May 2005. BASF tackled this with Master-Protect® 8000 CI. To this day, this silane-based corrosion inhibitor protects the steel reinforcement in the concrete of the restored building against new damage. At the same time, it forms a barrier to ensure that less water can penetrate into the concrete. This is also demonstrated by long-term measurements: In 2015, 10 years after its treatment, the building was still free of corrosion damage.

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