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We want to contribute to a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone. In Egypt we do so by creating chemistry for our customers and by supporting various Corporate Social Responsibility projects.


Across the world, population growth and economic development are increasing the demand for food and water resources. By 2050, the demand for energy is forecasted to double, with water and food requirements set to increase by over 50 percent.

BASF supported the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development with the organization of its second PhD Winter School focusing on the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus to provide a select number of young researchers from around Egypt the skills and knowledge necessary to optimize the use of our water, energy and food resources.

Ayman Nafie, Managing Director of BASF Egypt: “We are proud to support Heliopolis University, a trusted partner, with this important project. Sustainability and innovation are important drivers as Egypt advances its Economic Reform Program and we, at BASF, believe that this program embodies the very essence of sustainable development by ‘thinking globally acting locally’.


Unemployment is one of the most pressing social problems in Egypt, especially for blue-collar workers. A leading cause is the mismatch and lack of communication between skilled workers and potential employers. BASF is a founding member of the National Employment Pact (NEP), a joint initiative of the Egyptian and German private sectors and the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC). Since 2011, BASF has been providing technical and financial support to NEP to help set-up employment centers for offering career guidance and job placement services.The center supports young adults in their search for work and advises companies on recruitment, ultimately helping to match supply and demand in the job market.


Since the Arab Spring uprising of 2011, the economic situation in Egypt, especially in the rural areas, has worsened. According to a World Bank publication, 12% of preschool aged children and 22% of pregnant women are deficient in Vitamin A, an essential substance for the healthy development of a child.

In Alexandria, BASF works with BASF Egypt joined forces with the Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development (RFPD) to support women by offering:

1. Free nutritional supplements containing BASF-produced Vitamin A 2. Free lessons on health awareness and hygiene.
3. Free medical services, volunteer doctors provide consultation and basic medical services

School Charity.JPG

As part of its commitment to support the development of youth in the rural areas of Egypt, BASF recently donated two state-of-the-art smart boards screens and six first aid boxes to Al Nubaria Official Language School in Al Nubaria region. This donation supports students, parents and teachers by improving the learning environment of the school.


Small-scale farmers, also known as ‘small-holders’ make up over 85% of Egypt’s agricultural sector. The BASF Crop Protection (AP) team in Egypt found an innovative way to reach them by launching the mobile ‘BASF Agricultural Clinic’ in 2017. The clinic serves, supports and educates small-holders in remote regions allowing them to improve their livelihood and standard of living by engaging in agricultural practices which are compliant and sustainable.

When the BASF Agricultural Clinic is set up at different locations in the region, famers bring samples of their unhealthy crops and meet with BASF technical experts for a proper diagnosis.

The experts provide farmers with a prescription paper which includes the result of the diagnosis and recommendations for which products to use and the appropriate dosage amount. In addition, product stickers are attached to the prescriptions, allowing illiterate farmers the means of identification and a countermeasure against fake products.

By providing small-scale holders with a relevant and useful service, the clinic has met with resounding success in the farming regions of Egypt.


BASF collaborated with Injaz Egypt to bring the “Achieve your Dream” program to 42  students from public universities across Egypt.

The “Achieve your Dream” program aims at equipping young people with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to create and refine entrepreneurial ideas and to prepare them for the job market.

Specifically designed for students with a background in agricultural studies and business, the students attended a three-day program of workshops, followed by first-hand experience to BASF مصر للحلول الزراعية shop and Lamar farm in Al Nubaria. They learned more about BASF and the innovative ways the company uses to reach small-scale farmers across Egypt. The last day of the program was dedicated to solving a business case and with the students pitching their ideas and solutions to the BASF agricultural solutions marketing team. 

The program is in line with BASF’s support to young people around the world to start their professional careers in the best way possible and to prepare them for their future jobs. Speaking at the last day of the program, Xavier Verfaillie, BASF’s newly appointed managing director for BASF Egypt, Sudan and the Levant said: “We are extremely proud to partner with Injaz Egypt on this entrepreneurship development program in Egypt. Empowering young people in Egypt and around the world is a priority for BASF. It is a source of great pride that we are helping to develop the ideas of Egypt’s future entrepreneurs.”