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International Coordination

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The standards of medical services required at BASF sites worldwide are described in our globally applicable Occupational Medicine and Health Protection Program. We conduct audits by regularly assessing the occupational medical care and compliance with the standards of the Program at the sites in terms of an internal revision.

Several appointed physicians of our team are in constant contact with physicians and management of the group companies. We collect information about the medical care in our sites worldwide and in the surrounding communities. At the same time, we offer support by sharing our expertise, especially through our global expert teams.

Our goal is to meet the same high standards of occupational medicine and health protection at all BASF sites. In order to achieve this objective, we conduct occupational medical audits, a systematic, periodic evaluation and documentation of the quality of medical care at all BASF sites. The following eight performance standards are evaluated:

  • Principles
  • Medical staff requirements
  • Medical facility standards
  • Medical examinations
  • Health promotion, prevention, and rehabilitation
  • Medical emergency preparedness and emergency response
  • Documentation, evaluation, and assessment
  • Health protection, work safety, product safety, and ecology


The occupational medical audits are conducted by experienced occupational physicians of the department as well as by regional specialists in this field. Larger sites will be audited approximately every three to four years; other sites will be covered once every five years.

Besides a comprehensive questionnaire, the audits comprise plant visits, evaluation of the medical facilities and visits to hospitals and other medical providers in the surroundings, followed by a detailed evaluation of the eight performance standards. The results and the recommendations that are derived from the evaluation are communicated to the local management.

Our auditing system is in accordance with the standards and criteria used currently in the external auditing systems ISO 19011 and OHSAS 18001. Our methodology was verified by Deloitte in 2005. The auditing system for BASF Occupational Medicine and Health Protection was tested according to ISAE 3000 standards (“high level audit”). Following the evaluation, Deloitte made an independent statement without any restriction.