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Infinergy® – Superelastic foam for lightweight running shoes

BASF’s new foam Infinergy® is as elastic as rubber but lighter. It consists of a novel expanded thermoplastic polyurethane, in short E-TPU.

After pretreatment with pressure and heat, researchers at BASF let the individual granules blow up like popcorn. In the process, its volume increases tenfold to produce oval foam beads with tiny, closed gas bubbles inside which make the material very elastic and provide the desired rebound effect. In adidas’ new running shoe Infinergy provides unique spring and cushioning properties. The runner gets an energy return not offered by any other running shoe.


The research behind

This video shows the development of the adidas Boost™ running shoes by BASF. Learn more about how our adidas experts collaborated to realize this innovation in performance sports footwear.  

Hochelastischer Schaum für adidas-Laufschuhe / Superelastic foa
Superelastic foam for lightweight running shoes

Superelastic foam for lightweight running shoes