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General Questions

Do you have questions about our job search or do you have already a profile in one of our regional online application systems and you can't find the right access link? Here you get the answers!

Within Europe you can use data already stored in our online application system for further applications. When you want to apply in another region, you might have to register again. Via our global job search you are always redirected to the correct online application system. Here, you can find an overview of the various systems in the regions.

The BASF Group is the world's largest chemical company. We create chemistry which bonds in a whole host of ways. Our product portfolio is vast; chemicals, plastics, services, crude oil, natural gas, and innovative and functional solutions for agriculture. This grouping is one of BASF's exceptional strengths. It enables us to use resources efficiently and is thus a key success factor in the face of competition. It also helps to protect the environment. In short: as a true global player, we have a great deal to offer you.

As an experienced professional at BASF, you’ll be among like-minded people. We aim to build the best team in the industry, and so we only employ open, team-players who treat each other with respect. Career development at BASF involves more than just climbing the hierarchical ladder, focus is more on your life-long learning. We discuss the best way for each employee to progress personally at annual reviews, and through the offers we make, ensure their professional and private lives can be best combined, whatever the stage of their career.  

The global job search shows open position for all BASF Group companies worldwide. If you have found an interesting position, you are at first forwarded to BASF’s talent community where you can create a job agent to get information and news from BASF. Then, you will be redirected automatically to the matching regional online application system. You can find an overview of the different systems here.

You can find an overview of the different systems here.

You can find an overview of the different systems here.

Automatic data transfer is a new feature in our European online application system. To use this service, you can (after your registration ) either upload a resume as a file from your hard drive, from Dropbox ( after registration ) or Google Drive. The system recognizes and then transmits all relevant data to the matching fields, and in the end you only have to check the transmitted data and correct it if necessary, and then continue with your application. Instead of transmitting data via your CV you can also transfer your data from XING, LinkedIn or Viadeo. After clicking on the respective button you will be asked to provide BASF with access to your data. We will then transfer your data once. There will be no permanent connection to the portals. You can of course still enter your data manually.