Regional News  |  29 May 2020
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BASF and 2M Group donate sanitizer in the North East of England

Working with partner 2M Group, BASF in the UK has donated 5 tonnes of hand sanitizer for use in schools, care homes, local councils and the NHS in the North East of England.

The sanitizing product will help meet the increased demands needed to safely combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When we learned of the supply shortage of disinfectant, we wanted to help,” said Scott Robinson, from BASF plc. “I‘m really proud of the team work and cross company collaboration that has made this possible.“


“Chemistry is our DNA and we are delighted to work with BASF is using our expertise to help the UK’s amazing front line staff stay safe” said Mottie Kessler MBE, Chairman & CEO of 2M Group.


BASF is temporarily producing hand sanitizer at several of its facilities across Europe and is continuing to try and support in the current situation.


“The UK is home to 12 BASF sites with more than 800 employees, so we are pleased our hand sanitizer will help the front-line workers fighting COVID-19 in our communities, commented UK & Ireland Managing Director Richard Carter.”


“Like many businesses, we are doing what we can,” said Richard, “In the past weeks, BASF in the UK has also donated other key supplies such as disinfectants, hand soap, PPE and 3Dprinting materials.”












Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson
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