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BASF Agricultural Specialities Limited

Established following BASF’s acquisition of Becker Underwood at the end of 2012, we produce industry leading biological pest control products formulated from beneficial nematodes as well as liquid rhizobium inoculants.

All of the products from Littlehampton are used in a wide range of agricultural, turf, ornamental and home and garden markets across the world.

The beneficial nematodes are used to control damaging insect pests and slugs. Key markets are protected ornamentals and home and garden.

The rhizobium inoculants are applied at planting to stimulate plant growth and enhance yields of key legume crops.

The speciality turf products enhance playing performance by improving environmental conditions to improve turf growth and quality.

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BASF Agricultural Specialities Limited
50/51 Eldon Way, Lineside Industrial Estate, Wick, Littlehampton West Sussex BN17 7HE

Registered Office
2 Stockport Exchange, Railway Road, Stockport, SK1 3GG

Registered in England
No. 01639557