Circular Economy at BASF

Circular economy means decoupling growth from resource consumption. BASF is driving circular economy by making the most of the limited resources of our planet: We keep them in use for as long as possible, minimize waste and create value with renewable resources. 

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We contribute to close and extend the loops by developing and implementing circular solutions for the materials we source, further optimizing our operations and offering resource-efficient products and services which support our customers’ circularity journeys.

We aim to move toward a more Circular Economy by increasingly use recycled and renewable feedstocks, shaping new material cycles and creating new business models. BASF has therefore launched a new Circular Economy Program. By the year 2030, the company aims to double its sales generated with solutions for the circular economy to €17 billion. To achieve this, the company is concentrating on three action areas: circular feedstocks, new material cycles and new business models. In a challenging environment with limited availability of alternative raw materials, we still aim to process 250,000 metric tons of recycled and waste-based raw materials, such as pyrolysis oil from mixed plastic waste or end-of-life-tires, in our production plants annually from 2025.


New Feedstocks 

New Material Cycles 

New Business Models 

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Last Update 22 April 2021