25 September 2019

Free sustainability training online

September 25, 2019

The Conference Board offers a free online course in collaboration with openSAP called “Sustainability: Learning from Leading Companies”. BASF’s head of Sustainability Strategy, Christoph Jäkel, hosts one unit about “Managing total impact” with the Value-to-Society approach.

The course is open to everyone interested in learning about sustainability within an organizational context. The course offers practical insights and is delivered by senior executives from several companies including BASF, Maersk, SAP, Shell and Solvay that have successfully integrated sustainability into their strategy.

We invite you to enroll in the course today; all you need to sign up is a valid email address.

The two-week course starts from October 22 and you can access the content at any time that suits your schedule. You also have an opportunity to get involved in discussions with course experts and fellow participants in the discussion forum.

You can earn a Record of Achievement for the course by completing two assignments – the first will be available from the course start and the second will be available from October 29. you can complete these at any time before 09:00 UTC on November 20.

Join us for this free course, Sustainability: Learning from Leading Companies, and let’s work together to have a positive impact!

Christoph Jäkel, BASF’s head of Sustainability Strategy
Birgit Hellmann
Global Sustainability Communications
Last Update 25 September 2019